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Our Staff

Office Managers

Nidhi Anand

Nidhi Anand manages our Edison practice and has been with KK Dental Associates, LLC for two years. As an office manager Nidhi has a critical role in managing patient care and growing our practice as well as maintaining very high standards of patient interaction. A high energy exceptional manager, Nidhi is a multifaceted personality. She has demonstrated great empathy with her patients and is an influential leader managing her staff and doctors schedules with a personal bonding that she has forged with each one of them. Nidhi is an inspirational leader. She has over 10 years’ experience in a variety of customer facing assignments in myriad sectors.

Nidhi has exceptional knowledge of our dental practice management software system and works with patients personally in dealing with insurance companies to maximize their benefits.
Nidhi has a bachelors in Education from a top university in India and extensive experience teaching and other leadership roles in a prestigious school in New Delhi, India. She is surrounded with close friends and loves to party. Nidhi is married and has two wonderful daughters.

Danielle Beckford

We are pleased to welcome Danielle Beckford on board as our office manager for the Somerset location. Danielle takes pride in holding a nineteen-year career demonstrating passion with positive leadership in dentistry. Her studies are centered on scientific research working with some of the elitist in dental practice management over her career as a dental professional tied with her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. Danielle is a result-oriented professional who is willing to strive for growth maintaining a positive team building morale for our staff. She is personable and warm with each patient truly caring about their personal interest and invested needs. Rest assured she has a superior clinical knowledge base to execute discussing treatment goals for your dental care.


Front Desk Receptionist

Neha Venugopal is the front desk receptionist at the North Brunswick office. She has been working with KK Dental Associates, LLC since March 2012. She recently graduated from the College of Saint Elizabeth, in December of 2011, with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Communications. She has many years of experience with interpersonal communication, organization, leadership, problem-solving skills and various strategies for conflict resolution. Prior to working at KK

Dental Associates, LLC, Neha held the title of Marketing Representative for a daily-deals website as well as the title of Director for a summer camp in which she was affiliated with for over 13 years. She is both a dedicated and motivated individual. She loves working in environments’ conducive to learning, serving the community and motivating others. She is always willing to learn new things and enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family.

Dental Hygienists

A registered dental hygienist (RDH) is a licensed dental professional who specializes in preventive oral health, typically focusing on techniques in oral hygiene. Common procedures performed by hygienists include cleanings known as prophylaxis, scaling and root planning for patients with periodontal disease, taking of prescribed radiographs, dental sealants, and administration of fluoride and providing instructions for proper oral hygiene and care. At KK Dental Associates, LLC, our staff of experienced and smiling hygienists will clean your teeth and once the general dentist has examined your teeth, help schedule appointments based on your affordable treatment plan. They can also inform you of the proper technique to brush your teeth, the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes and the best ways to keep your gums healthy and teeth white. Over a period of months or years, a dental hygienist may evaluate the patient’s conditions several times, altering the diagnosis and plan as the patient’s condition and needs change.

The American Dental Association recommends you practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day. Flossing regularly, along with eating whole, natural foods and visiting the dentist regularly, are also necessary steps you should take to minimize the possibility of any dental discomfort or infection. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on teeth and gums. Following a meal or snack, the bacteria in plaque release acids that attack tooth enamel. Repeated attacks can cause the enamel to weaken, eventually causing tooth decay. Many of the foods we eat cause plaque bacteria to produce acids. Plaque that is not removed with thorough daily brushing and cleaning between teeth can eventually harden into calculus or tartar. The best way to remove decay-causing plaque is by brushing and cleaning between your teeth every day. Brushing removes plaque from the tooth surfaces. Brush the outer tooth surfaces, the inner tooth surfaces and the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Whether it is your biannual cleaning, a deep cleaning, a first-time cleaning or any other reason, you will find our hygienists to be caring and comforting and ever-willing to answer your questions and quell your concerns.

RDH,  Rajshree Shukla

  • Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ,
  • Associate in Dental Hygiene. Graduated in 2011

Worked For:

  • Dental Fillings Temp Agency
  • Joined KK Dental Associates, LLC - July, 2011
  • Rajshree, born in Ahmedabad, India, has been living in New Jersey since 2005. She rose in India and achieved Degree in Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She currently lives in Somerset with her family.  
  • She enjoys the traveling in different places. She enjoys taking family to Mall, amusement parks and different beach.

RDH, Ningning Vivian Xiao

Ningning Vivian Xiao is a Dental Hygienist. First graduating from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China, Vivian soon received an AAS of Dental Hygiene. She has worked in North Jersey at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital and, in New Brunswick, at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.
On the side, Vivian shares her knowledge on dental hygiene with children, single mothers and high-school students.

  • High-End Technology
  • Large Waiting Area with LCD/Plasma TV
  • Plasma TVs In All Operatories Along With Music System
  • Intra-Oral Camera
  • Digital X-Rays and Panoramic X-Rays and 3d Ct
  • Clean/Sterile Professional Environment


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