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Endodontist Specialty

  • An Endodontist specializes in providing patients with root canals and retreatments. When the pulp inside of a tooth becomes damaged or infected, endodontic treatment is required to treat the area.
  • Root damage is caused by chipped or broken teeth and numerous dental procedures causing the weakening of tooth.
  • A toothache results once the area become inflamed. Untreated infection cans lead to an abscess, fever or blood infection. An endodontist removes the infected pulp by drilling out the core of the tooth. The cavity is replaced with filler and usually a crown.


Prosthodontist Specialty

  • A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth.
  • Receives two or three years of additional training after dental school.
  • Restores optimum appearance and function to your smile.


Periodontist Specialty

  • Periodontal disease is known as the “silent infection” and affects about three out of four people. Fortunately, most have good habits and favorable genes and control periodontal disease with regular dental care. Others with numerous host factors such as stress, tobacco, inadequate home care and medical disorders can lose considerable ground if periodontal disease goes undetected and untreated.

General Dentists Specialty

  • General Dentistry is the primary care of teeth and gums. A general dentist is the first line of defense to prevent oral health problems. A variety of procedures are performed in general dentistry including cleaning, applying sealants, periodontal therapy, dental fillings, root canal therapy, oral surgery, dentures and bridgework.


Oral Surgery

  • An Oral Surgery Specialist is a dentist who specializes in different aspects of surgery in and around the mouth. He / She performs simple extractions and difficult, complex extractions, including the removal of wisdom teeth. Most oral surgeons are qualified to install dental implants and perform jaw realignment procedures. They usually have about four years of advanced education after finishing dental school.


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